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A Peek Into The Creation of A Panel

Reference ExampleMy desire to stay true to the experience of the men who fought in Vietnam led me to this stunning portrait of South Vietnamese government troops from the 2nd Battalion of the 36th Infantry asleep in a U.S. Navy troop carrier (Associated Press, 1962). In The Rest of Heaven Was Blue, Garrett finds himself in a similar situation. See the reference photo and the finished panel. [Horst Faas, photo / Emmanuel Xerx Javier, artwork]

LETTERS: The silent voice.

letter_mantheiLetterer Andy Manthei captured Garrett’s morose tone in his unique depiction of the character’s narration.  Often overlooked, the letters of a comic help set the mood. These smeared and splotched voice-over captions brilliantly bring Garrett’s words to life. Manthei’s talent for typography and his attention to detail extended to the title design, which reflects the “broken” nature of our characters with its cracked facade.

Brutality in motion…

photoMeet Wade, the cruel foil to Garrett in our story. His vicious temperament pairs with a cold determination making him unstoppable and magnetic; the platoon is caught in his wake.