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A young soldier in the Vietnam War

struggles with a personal descent into purgatory. Ravaged by a firestorm of bullets, grenades, and napalm, he finds himself in a moral abyss, tormented by grotesque visions of dead soldiers and hounded by an illusory phantom figure.

Relentlessly moving through the warzone, the violence escalates as his misery traps him in a sea of indecision, caught in the wake of atrocities under the driving force of his vicious platoon sergeant.

If Heaven hides nothing from us,
then neither does Hell.

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REVIEW: Comic Bastards

1280869_296955010447360_1508232738_nA very nice review of The Rest of Heaven Was Blue from the Comic Bastards, describing the book as “a story ripe with metaphors and visual cues that will have you questioning everything on the surface level…“  Rating 4/5FOLLOW THE LINK to read more!

REVIEW: John Kenneth Muir

“The graphic novel makes for a splendid, visceral read…” Renowned critic John Kenneth Muir reviews The Rest of Heaven Was Blue, comparing it favorably to Jacob’s Ladder and The Twilight Zone.

“The Rest of Heaven Was Blue is an intense story featuring some very violent imagery, and yet the violence serves a noble thematic purpose. The narrative grapples meaningfully with the idea of how we, as individuals, react in the presence of wanton (and yet sanctioned…) violence.”

Reference Article: Atrocities and Heroism

captionWade may seem larger-than-life and Garrett’s silence and indecision meek in The Rest of Heaven Was Blue… But Pulitzer Prize winning Toledo Blade articles I researched offered a stunning insight into extraordinary events, atrocities, and bravery in the jungles and battlefields of the Vietnam War.  Follow this link to read an article from the series, excerpted below:

“The two elderly Vietnamese women were walking toward the soldiers when Tiger Force platoon Lt. James Hawkins ordered his men to shoot.

Quickly, another lieutenant, Donald Wood, told the men not to fire.

But the soldiers obeyed the senior ranking officer, spraying bullets at the two who were walking to their home.”

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